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04 january 2017, 02:33

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Disaster, natural disasters, nature weather climate In the southern States of the U.S. was hit by bad weather. Warnings about strong winds, tornadoes and large hail are in the States of Louisiana Mississippi Alabama and Florida. Several dozen homes damaged in the States of Texas Louisiana and Florida.

Read more In the us state of Texas on one of the roads in the city of San Antonio in the sinkhole fell 2 cars. Killed a woman riding behind the wheel of one of the cars. Read more A violent storm with heavy rain and hail struck the city of El Paso in the U.S. state of Texas.

Due to flooding and snow drifts had problems with traffic. Some roads were closed for several hours. Read more In the U.S. state of Texas do not stop floods.

In Central Texas at Fort hood car with soldiers trying to overcome the crowded stream but turned over. Managed to save 3 people died, five are still 4 missing. Read more In the us state of Texas a growing number of victims of floods. While aware of the 6 victims in the districts of Washington Travis and Kendall. Two more people were missing in the districts Parker and Travis.

Read more The American States are Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Colorado continue to suffer from inclement weather. May 26, many areas suffered from heavy rains, hail and tornadoes. Floods in Texas claimed the lives of 2 people, 3 missing in Brazos County and the city of Austin. Read more In Sealine which is located in the districts of Collin and Denton U.S.

state of Texas, the future spouses were worried about the rain but the wedding venue was hit by a tornado. Damaged the building in which the next day was held a solemn event and on the day he conducted a rehearsal. Read more The U.S. state of Texas continues to suffer from the weather.

In the city of Palestine Anderson County where a day dropped more than 20 inches of rain a raging torrent struck a house. The water reached the roofs of buildings. Killed an elderly woman and her four grandchildren. Read more The American States of Texas and Oklahoma for the third time in a week hit tornadoes and hail. In addition, inclement weather was noted in the States of Mississippi and Arkansas.

Read more In the United States from tornadoes damaged the States of the Midwest and Great plains. Caused serious damage to human settlements in the States of Texas Oklahoma Indiana Kansas Nebraska Kentucky Iowa Missouri Indiana and Illinois. In Houston Texas fallen tree was the cause of death of women. Read more In Houston, TX a week ago, unprecedented floods claimed the lives of 8 people. On the flooded roads, the help of rescuers took dozens of people.

Video from the hapless driver overestimated their capabilities.

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