Odessa city, Texas

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Section - Twin Cities In Texas, the second on the territory of the state of America and also the first and only internationally recognized independent state directly admitted to the USA as a state is the city of Odessa. The history of this interesting town.Odessa appeared in West Texas in 1881 as a station on the Texas railroad built immigrant workers. Here was the shipping point of cattle could drink well water no more. But things went well and in 1885 126 years ago in Odessa opened the mail.

And in March, 1886, Henry Thatcher wrote to officials of the new city As legend has it the happy choice of name was made by the emigrants guess where they were. It is interesting that since that distant time, the city's ethnic composition has not changed much. 80% of the population of Odessa to this day are our Germans. First Odessa and the truth became a wheat market. Also Odessans were growing cotton and other crops salt was mined in the nearby town lake Juan Cordona established soap production.

When in the vicinity of the town were discovered large reserves of oil and gas in our regiment arrived. If in 1920 in Odessa, there were about 1,000 inhabitants by 1940, the residents became more than 15 thousand. There is a growing population of the city to this day. According to census data in the year 2000 in Odessa, Texas was 90943 residents. And in 2009, exceeded a hundred thousand.

The story will end. It's much more interesting modern life Odessa is a beautiful girl if there is food Tasty And most importantly if you're joking Odessa Is in Odessa's legendary no more, no less a restaurant. Popular American magazine the Store have included this restaurant in the list of the 500 best restaurants in the world. Well We decided to look in the menu eggplant caviar and mincemeat none of these were mostly steaks. And the prices are quite Odessa.

Enjoy a meat for $ 8 64 hryvnia. Further, a variety of steaks ranging up to $ 35 per steak Sirloin for two. Interested in Barn Door Barn door has a special menu for those who are over 60. It includes not oat cereal and other gentle products and the same sharp steak shrimp and cheeseburgers but two times cheaper. The symbol of Odessa Texas rabbit.

Since 1932, Odessa held a Rodeo where cowboys lassoed rabbits. So there is no question about the sense of humor. By the way at one of these competitions a Texas girl, grace Hendricks, on horseback of course lassoed rabbit for five seconds, and thus surpassed all the male participants. Unusual Rodeo stopped spending in 1977 was outraged animal advocates. And the rabbits caught.

Rabbit is established here in 1962, not just the statue and the largest statue.

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