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04 january 2017, 02:33

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The contents The company Texas was founded in 1960 in Denmark. Within six years, the Association produced for the sample of foreign manufacturers. But in 1966, descended from the conveyor of the first cultivator which was the fruit of technological development. Today, Texas uses innovative approach and modern techniques for the production of garden machinery.The scope of the cultivators are wide enough The technique has the following significant advantages The disadvantages of this unit is the high noise level and the risk of lower performance on soft soil.

The advantages of cultivators TX as well as a high level of popularity due to the following design features This technique presented several series, each of which has its own design features. Models are suitable for processing small plots of land of beds of beds of beds between plots planted crops. Design features allow to work even in indoor greenhouses and greenhouses. Specifications Video for Texas cultivator Hobby 500 to work This is a series of electric tillers are designed to till the soil in small areas. The model is able to treat soil which has already passed the initial plowing.

The cultivators are not allowed to work with clay and rocky soil. Specifications El-tex This series is doing well with virgin lands, however, to apply them for treatment of large areas is not recommended. Instead of a worm gear used in the chain Assembly. The back provides comfortable operation and mounting for additional equipment to expand the scope of the cultivator. Technical characteristics of aggregates This series presents the only model that features an adjustable handle and a clamping area being treated.

The model has two speed modes which provide the forward movement and one reverse speed. Cultivator cope even with virgin soil. Technical parameters model Fusion These models combine a relatively small weight and large capacity allow you to apply a sufficient number of additional elements and adjust the depth of the treated area. The characteristics of the models lilli Video review series field cultivator Lilli Models have a powerful petrol engine. They are equipped with a manual starter, adjustable handle and a device to change the width and depth of the treated surface.

Technical parameters of the models Video review of the cultivator TX 601B Liked the article Put likes and share with your friends and stay tuned.

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