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Another place Any news on the opening of Texas actually. The school is not the first year gathers over 500 people in weekends and holidays. And the city goes on Locomotive past a signboard of Texas not knowing what scale hiding SOMETHING former food warehouse. If you look to the sign you can read a restaurant-club. What the hell is a restaurant on the Engine plant With red problems here.

Purple sofas acute page tex-mex menu, Crazy Head in the bar.. Project Rafael Mendoza UNDESA amazingly well lay on the ground in Ulyanovsk. For the first time in the city's mix restaurant and night club ventured to put in the loft space of the former industrial premises are zoned in the spirit of the Wild West.

There is no concept of room for non-smokers, the size of the room dissolve all the smells by allowing only occasionally include a powerful air conditioning system. 280 seats and cosy booths closed professional equipment on stage for live performances the dance floor To completely bypass two-storey loft of the club at a quick pace takes 7 minutes 12 seconds. Invitations are sent only via SMS is open to persons under 30 years of age the input on club cards and auto-generated lists similar rumors about Texas appeared one morning with his sign. Actually it's just a rumor - says the Manager of Texas. Yes, as every good institution we have face and dress-control, and we are happy to say Welcome to guests.

Menu of Texas is dominated by European cuisine as pepper suggested volcanic tex-mex. Priority in the bar naturally given to strong drink from the Old and New world. Wishing to play mafia. For the black tables and barrels out of fuel. Losers go to a real jail cell with bunks and blankets.

Quietly and without bloodshed to have a great dinner. The mafia wakes up Other details stuck in my head marked The closet At least 5 times in a row by the number of booths there will be bored. The bar length of 15 meters. Professional concert instrument on the stage.So what we have The relaxed establishment of the European class mixed with the democracy of the Wild West.

Everyone thinks and does what he wants. Not forgetting that this is a private ranch sir. Book tables. There is no longer Well, at least the chairs Subscribe to the news © Geometria.

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