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The capital of Texas, the United States, the city of Austin. It was founded in 1839 and is now the centre of administrative and political activities around the state. This metropolis is named in honor of one of its founders. The local population is just over 885 thousand people. Along with this, in recent decades the tendency to increase the number of its inhabitants.

It was due to constant migration processes in the country. The capital of Texas is located on the coast of a large happy lady bird lake, in the Central part of the state. Its total area is more than 770 square kilometers. Near its waters are the responsibility of the Colorado river. It should be noted that the city is still a few artificial reservoirs.

They are surrounded by numerous parks and gardens with dense vegetation which largely contributes to the active sports especially water types of the locals. In addition, for about 300 days a year here is warm Sunny weather. In the early sixteenth century the increased interest from Spanish explorers called the land on which they built the current capital of the state of Texas USA. The fact that among them were legends of large reserves of gold in the area. However, the conquerors instead expected the aboriginal tribes of cannibals very hostile against the conquistadors.

Anyway over the next 300 years Spain was able to maintain control over the region. Before the beginning of the war for Texas independence in 1835 at the current location of the city near the North Bank of the Colorado river was founded a village called Waterloo. Four years after the proclamation of independence by its Vice President Mirabeau B. Lamar proposed to select village administrative center. Though many of his opponents were supporters of Houston that proposal was eventually adopted.

In 1839, the already sprawling city was renamed Austin. The capital of Texas has retained its status after its accession to the United States in 1845. One of the most famous nicknames of Austin Batcity which translated to English means the town of bats. Due to the fact that every year thousands of these animals live under the local bridge Ann Richards Congress Avenue. The fact that its design is an ideal breeding site for bats.

Thousands of people constantly come here to watch their evening flight to hunt on the background of the setting sun. The capital of Texas attracts a number of tourists for its natural beauty, art galleries, museums, historic buildings and active nightlife. One of the most beautiful places is the state Capitol.

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